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CreditDesign Service


 The Boruk Consulting CreditDesign Service  assists our Clients in building credit scores through the addition of  various types of credit-building products that we have at our disposal. These credit-building products are UNSECURED accounts  and report to all 3 credit reporting agencies: Experian, Equifax and  Transunion.  Most of these accounts are not score-driven, meaning over  90% of our Clients are approved for limits up to $5,000! 

Vehicle Purchase Assistance


 Our Vehicle Purchase Assistance  Service does all the work for you: price negotiations, trade value  research, financing placement and negotiations on the rate and down  payment.  

FDCPA Compliance


 Our FDCPA Compliance Department attacks  collectors that are communicating illegally with you. We refer cases to  a qualified FDCPA Attorney who will file suit in Federal Court – at no  up front cost to you! This program has helped our clients  receive settlements from collections companies.